Family Health Services Appeal Unit

The NHS LA is responsible for ensuring a prompt and fair resolution of appeals and disputes between primary care contractors and NHS England. Primary care contractors include GPs, dentists, opticians and pharmacists. This area of work is handled by our Family Health Services Appeal Unit (FHSAU) which encompasses the following services:
·         Determining appeals against decisions in accordance with the NHS (Pharmaceutical & Local Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2013 concerning the provision of NHS pharmaceutical services. Such appeals generally relate to the proposed opening of a new pharmacy, relocation of an existing pharmacy, or the provision of dispensing services by GPs;
·         Determining contractual disputes between primary care contractors and NHS England;
·         Determining disputes over the assessment of GP Registrars’ allowances under relevant Directions;
·         Determining other occasional appeals and applications under various regulations governing primary care.
Determinations are made by either the Pharmacy Appeal Committee or an Officer of the NHS LA dependent upon which Regulations apply. For those who wish to refer to them, decision letters issued following consideration of the above are available on this website.
The NHS LA also has certain obligations with regard to the Performers Lists Regulations which are also handled by the FHSAU. These are:
·         Maintaining a database of primary care contractors who have had restrictions placed upon their inclusion on Performers Lists: and
·        Providing information to NHS England against the restrictions database.
For more information about the work of the FHSAU see NHS LA Factsheet 6.

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