Family Health Services Appeal Unit (FHSAU)

The NHS LA is responsible for ensuring a prompt and fair resolution of appeals and disputes between primary care contractors (including GPs, dentists, opticians and pharmacists) and NHS England. The FHSAU handles this area of work. The FHSAU also maintains a database of primary care contractors who have had restrictions placed upon their inclusion in Performers Lists and carries out Fitness to Practise checks against this restrictions database.

Details of the personal information held in relation to the FHSAU

We may collect the following information:
  • Primary care contractors – name, address, date of birth, registration number, appeals or disputes you have lodged and associated submissions and evidence, including financial, with regard to said appeal or dispute.
  • NHS staff members – contact details, submissions with regard to any appeals or disputes.
  • Consultant advisors – contact details, advice as to appeals or disputes, financial information in relation to your fees.
  • Panel members – contact details, professional qualifications, registration or membership numbers, training records, financial information in relation to your fees. 
  • Service providers (solicitor) – contact details, information concerning your involvement in the handling of an appeal or dispute, financial information in relation to your fees.  

Use of this information

We use this information for the following purposes:
  • determining appeals against decisions in accordance with the NHS (Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 20052012 and 2013 concerning the provision of NHS pharmaceutical services;
  • determining contractual disputes between primary care contractors and NHS England;
  • determining disputes over the assessment of GP Registrars’ allowances under relevant Directions;
  • determining other occasional appeals and applications under various regulations governing primary care;
  • responding to enquiries from Local Area Teams (which are run by NHS England) as to whether there are restrictions against the name of a primary care contractor on the relevant Performers List.

Please note that decisions, including the name of the contractor, are published on the NHS LA website.

We also use information held by the FHSAU for the purposes of internal training and the auditing of our decisions.

Sharing of this information

We may share information with third parties (such as the police, NHS Protect, the Department of Health or other government departments, regulatory or other public authorities) to comply with legal obligations or where this is otherwise necessary and it is lawful to do so (including disclosures made to protect patient safety or to enhance public protection).

Additional use of this information 

We do compile and publish research and statistics relating to appeals and disputes, although this is in the form of anonymised or aggregated data.