Resolving Claims

Resolving Claims

We manage clinical and non-clinical claims against the NHS on behalf of our members, and also claims arising from historic liabilities that have transferred to the Secretary of State for Health.

We settle justified claims fairly and quickly by investigating as soon as possible.

Once we have the information and evidence we need about the case, we make an informed decision about its merits. If a liability exists then we proceed to quantify and resolve the claim, usually by negotiation.

We defend unjustified claims robustly, helping to protect our members’ and NHS resources.

We seek expert evidence where appropriate to ensure we have a strong platform from which we can repudiate unjustified claims.

We issue a full, reasoned response to formal letters of claim.

We manage risk pools for all NHS organisations in England, spreading the cost of claims over time.

As well as being very cost effective, risk pooling provides a huge database that enables us to analyse trends and share information about risks with our members.

As a not-for-profit part of the NHS, we provide claims cover very competitively.

We have been providing indemnity cover directly to independent providers of NHS care since April 2013.

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