Annual Reports

Annual Reports and Accounts for the last 5 years can be found in the below table.  

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on 10 August from 10.00 to 11.30 at 151 Buckingham Palace Road – should you wish to attend please complete the online Eventbrite registration form as attendance is via pre-registration only and spaces are limited – booking is required 48 hours in advance of the meeting.

Financial Year
Annual report and accounts
AGM minutes
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Business Plan 2017/18

NHS Resolution Business for Plan 2017/18 sets out our plans for the coming financial year and delivers the first part of our Five Year Strategy, Delivering fair resolution and learning from harm, It marks a different approach to delivering compensation and a shift upstream to support candour and learning to address the rising costs of harm in the NHS. Outlining our planned activity for 2017/18 our Business Plan is focused around four priorities:

  • Resolution
  • Intelligence
  • Intervention 
  • Fitness for Purpose 


In line with the government’s drive to improve the transparency of how public funds are used, the NHS LA has released the following which will be updated as new data becomes available.

Prompt Payment 05/15

Details in respect of the % of payments made, within 5 days and within 30 days are shown below, in accordance with the PPN 05-15 Prompt Payment Policy and Reporting of Performance.

Financial Year
% of invoices paid within 5 days
% of invoices paid within 30 days
Total amount of liability to pay [from April 2016]
1st Quarter
2nd Quarter
3rd Quarter
4th Quarter

Annual expenditure

A total of £1,676 million will be collected in 2015/16 for spend across the following areas:-

DH Clinical Liabilities
DH Non Clinical Liabilities
Sign Up To Safety Good Practice

Finance - FAQ's

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Capital Programmes

The NHS LA’s capital allocation for 2015/16 is £500,000.

Items of spend over £25,000

Details of all supplier payments for individual invoices exceeding £25,000 from April 2015, are shown here and will be updated monthly. In compliance with the data protection act, data relating to individual damages payments have been excluded from this analysis. In 2013/14 damages payments equated to 68% of NHS LA total spend.

Board Expenses

As a public body the NHS LA is committed to ensuring it operates according to the Nolan principles of public life by being open and accountable for the way public funds are used.

Each quarter, the NHS LA will publish the business expenses claimed by our Chair, Chief Executive, Non-Executive Directors and Finance Director whose remuneration is reported in our annual accounts.
Read the latest expenses reports: 

Board Members Register of Interests

NHS LA is committed to openness and transparency in its work and decision making. As part of that commitment, we maintain and publish this Register of Members’ Interests which draws together Declarations of Interest made by Board members.

Our organisation and pay

You can down load a copy of our organisation chart.
You can also see an animated version of our organisation chart, which is updated every six months.
This information is updated on a regular basis.
You can also see information about how many people work for us and what we pay them on the Department of Health website. This information is updated every month and is based on returns we send to the Department of Health.
We only recruit people who are critical to the successful operation of our organisation. Details are available here of the numbers of people recruited from external sources:
This information uses civil service grades for consistency across government; we use NHS pay arrangements.

Payment Performance

A table showing the percentage of supplier invoices paid within 5 days, 10 days, 30 days and over 30 days including the total number and value of invoices. The table excludes payments made to NHS organisations.

Tenders and Contracts

Government has set out the need for greater transparency across its operations to enable the public to hold public bodies and politicians to account. This includes commitments relating to public expenditure, intended to help achieve better value for money.
As part of the transparency agenda, Government has made the following commitments with regard to procurement and contracting:
     All new central government ICT contracts over the value of £10,000 to be published in full online from July 2010.
    All new central government tender documents for contracts over £10,000 to be published on a single website from September 2010, with this information to be made available to the public free of charge.
    All new central government contracts to be published in full from January 2011.
Suppliers and those organisations looking to bid for NHS LA should be aware that if they are awarded a new contract, the resulting contract will be published. In some circumstances, limited redactions will be made to some contracts before they are published in order to comply with existing law and for the protection of national security.

ICT Contracts

No new ICT contracts have been awarded by the NHS LA.

Tender Documents

No new tenders have been agreed by the NHS LA.